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x2 months in… 70.3

Two months into my training and what have I achieved?

December was well…. December. Apart from a couple of large blow outs I largely managed to escape the need to get ferociously drunk at the slightest hint of ‘Christmas drinks’. So although training didn’t exactly get off to a flyer, I did manage a couple of sessions in the pool and was able to pick up the distances on my runs.

Whilst December was all about damage limitation, 2015 started reasonably well – new year, new me and all that. In the first week of Jan I managed a 10 mile run around Ruislip lido that left me hobbling round the office for the next week. Dry January is something that seems to be par for the course nowadays and its a useful mental exercise which helps put you in the right mindset for the year ahead, especially having the commitment to train when its just above zero and pouring with rain.

I have been logging my training sessions on the Garmin Connect website and currently my favorite past-time is opening up the month-to-view calendar and starring aimlessly at the pretty colours which have been filled in as a result of my hard work. It feels good but won’t mean a thing if I don’t complete the event. The good thing about committing to something online is that it is public and very much part of history. Even if I wanted to, there is no way I could back-out in front of my army of 12 WordPress followers.

February Training

My training has stepped up a gear in Feb; I’m swimming 3k instead of 2k at the pool and when the weather warms I am planning to cycle into work more often. I tried out the Olympic pool in Stratford which was awesome. It makes such a massive difference swimming in a 50m pool and it’s almost worth the 3 hour round trip just to admire the lines of Zaha Hadid’s wonderful building.

Olympic Pool

So far so good then, but it’s only four months until July – that’s not very long at all. Had better crack on.



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