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The day I became a Vile Internet Troll…

As I get older and start to learn and achieve news things in life, I think it is only fair that this blog grows with me and broadens it’s horizons with me. Widely respected within football circles and regarded by some as the bible of football knowledge and opinion, PridePassionBelief now takes itself into the relatively unknown, publishing it’s first non-football related post on the controversial subject of ‘Trolling’.

I have to say that I have always had a slight fascination with the word Troll – a mythical character from many a children’s story book. Recently this strange word has seen a steady rise to prominence within the English media…. but what exactly does it mean?


My use of social media is restricted to a handful of photo sharing websites and although I have a Twitter account, I still don’t really know how to use it, or indeed what it’s best use is. Sometimes I think of Twitter as an extremely powerful source of news, information and interaction between brands and people. On other occasions I think it is a lot of people, talking a lot of rubbish, to a lot of other people who aren’t even listening.

From my limited knowledge and skim reading a few lines in the papers, I get the impression that Twitter is the most common platform used by Trolls and I feel like I am missing out on this rapidly growing phenomenon. Somehow I long to become embroiled in the Daily Mail headlines about ‘Evil Web Trolls’ and the like.


So how do I get started? Not too many of my friends are on Twitter and I probably wouldn’t want to troll them anyways so I think I need to be focused and start to target the correct people. Does anyone know if I can do this using hash tags?

Originally I was thinking to use #Troll to bring up a list of intended targets but then I thought that would probably drop me in at the deep end – pitching me against some of the best trolls in the business – the phrase ‘don’t troll a troll’ immediately springs to mind. My problem is that I don’t particularly want to troll a nice person because they probably don’t deserve it. So I think the only justifiable way I can get involved is if someone trolls me first – giving me the motive and right to troll them back.

If you would like to start trolling me pls inbox me at @EJ_Rhodes


2 Responses to The day I became a Vile Internet Troll…

  1. Sarah Kemp says:

    Be careful what you wish for.

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