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Three Lions, Four Friends & English football…


Heading for the Amazon

Its been four years since the last World Cup. South Africa was the most amazing experiene – we all wanted to come back for another World Cup. The fact that this years’ tournament is in Brazil makes it an easy decision – if you have the chance to go to a World Cup in Brazil, you’d take it. Luckily enough we have that chance and it feels amazing to be here, looking out of the plane window on the Amazon jungle as we fly from Sao Paolo to Manaus.


Four years ago, I remember flying back from Soutn Africa on Ethopian Airlines, hungover, strapped for cash and heading straight into work from Heathrow – wondering if our trip to Brazil would be a little better organised, baring in mind we’d have four years to prepare. In the mad rush to get out of the office on Monday; to get the Picadilly line to Heathrow, with a half crossed check list stuffed into a makeshift wallet, with keys still to drop off and an SD card for my camera still to pick up, it’s safe to say that organisation this time round isn’t any better. LONDON IS A RUSH…. thats what makes it such a great city but also what makes it feel sooo good to be escaping to Amazon jungle with your best pals. Flights and football tickets sorted, no accomodation = no problem, thats what the internet + airport Wifi was made for.


The obstacles of modern lifeΒ  sometimes make it diffiuclt to look forward to anything until it arrives in your face. Short termism is a problem of modern economy, but when you finally ditch your bags, skip through security and have that first pint in the Weatherspoons you can finally relax because you know that holiday has finally arrived. It makes the hard work worthwhile…

I have been to the rain forest once before in Thailand. Its the most amazing place and I havent been for nine years. Everything is supersized, it makes you feel small, young and insignificant. At present, the prospect of dissappearing into the Jungle for a couple of days to see all sorts of weird & wonderful creatures has completely eclipsed the excitment about England’s World Cup opener against Italy on Friday. Hopefully we’ll see a Jaguar, some snakes or a group unrurly baboons roaming around. I like life at home, it’s good to do well, be busy, make money….but if you work too hard, it’s easy to loose sight of what is best for you….and you won’t always get what you’ve been promised.

Its so amazing to be in Brazil, we’re about to land…. I cant wait to start a new adventure in the Amazon.

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