Pride Passion Belief

Three Lions, Four Friends & English football…


Thurs 24th – Sat 26th

Internet access in South Africa isn’t the most readily available so in between the driving we have had to skip a few days of blog. Following the win against Slovenia we spent a day at our accommodation – the Kwantu Game Reserve. Having supposed to be staying in a tented dormitory we were kindly upgraded to the hotel where the rooms were supposed to be around £100 a night instead of the £11 we had paid for. The service and welcome of the staff was amazing. We saw some lion cubs, took a trip round the ‘Predator Camp’ and then went on a Safari in search of the Big Five…

The following day we took in some stunning scenery at the Ado Elephant Park and then headed to the Fans Park in St Georges Cricket ground, Port Elizabeth to catch Brazil Vs Portugal and Spain Vs Chile. We didn’t catch much of the latter game, as after a few beers we got involved with a 4-a-side winner stays on game of footy in the corner of the fans park.

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On Saturday we headed into PE and managed to get tickets for South Korea Vs Uruguay a fixture that ended with a spectacular winner for the South Americans in the pouring rain. After the game we set off on our 7 hour drive to Bloemfontein, arriving at our campsite around 3am in time to catch some sleep before the showdown with the Germans…


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